Technology research
G/G structure

The solution of capacitive touch screen with one layer of protective glass and one layer of functional glass has better strength and anti-aging performance. It is widely used in flat panel, deformation notebook, vehicle, POS, industrial control field.

jg1.jpgSeveral major performance of G/C STRUCYURE are glass thickness with 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm, glass types with Al Si and soda lime, falling ball tests with 64g*60cm and 110g*40cm, communication interfaces with I2C, HID I2C and USB,  40 um accuracy of laser process, 30 um LIT Litho or Photo, characteristic table structure and stock thickness. The common material brands are  Glass 0.55-1.1MM of Asahi glass sudaline, Longji, Konka, GLW, OCA/LOCA 0.175mm/0.15mm, Mistubishi, LG, 3M, XielI, Debang, Sensor 0.4-1.1mm,  Asahi glass sudaline, and etc. 



 Material thickness

 Common Materials Brand



 Asahi、sudaline、 Dragontrail、Corning



 Mitsubishi/LG/3M, 协力/Debon





 Yellow Light Technology and Printing Technology


 Metal Bridge, Single Layer, Multi-Point, Self-Capacitance (Triangle)


 Process maturity




 At present, most of them are single-tier multi-point schemes and low-end markets